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Thursday, 1 March 2012

EMI Valve Collection package sale

EMI Studios Barcelona valve collection also from Belter, Apple & Decca Studios.

Offers invited for the entire collection only.
No VAT to pay.
Location of items:
Items marked in blue are currently located in Barcelona.
Items marked in green are currently located in London.

Unless otherwise stated, all equipment is in “good working order when last used”.
EMI REDD 36 Column Loudspeakers (pair)
EMI RS143 Dr Dutton Loudspeakers (pair) for Classical Music (presently dismantled and in need of new ply back panels).
EMI ABBEY ROAD speakers pair with ALTEC 612/614 plus ALTEC 604 drivers
TANNOY DEVON cabinets pair with 12"  HPD speakers
ALTEC drivers 2 x 15” in very large reflex / horn cabinets with separate Mid/High Frequency horns powered by hand-wired, WESTREX 120 watt Valve Cinema power amps with VU meters. Similar to the mono studio monitor used at Stax Records suitable for studio floor playback. Very large cabinets. The Mid/High Frequency units are 8 ohm Tangerine Pascalite Horns (model number 299-8A), which can be flown or mounted separately. Altec Lansing Voice of the Theatre loudspeakers were in use in cinemas and dance-halls/discotheques throughout the United States and Europe. They are amazingly “hi-fidelity”. Speaker model N-501-8A. Serial no.s 248444 and 29407. Complete system.
B&W DM 202 loudspeakers pair. New, in box.
Valve Microphone Preamps
A dozen SIEMENS & HALSKE WSW hand wired, valve microphone amplifiers type 811301 with 10db stepped Potentiometer. Six units fit into one 51cm rack. Manufactured in 1962, these amplifiers were built in Austria as opposed to the greater number of Siemens/Telefunken (V series) units which were manufactured in Germany. These superior units have 68db of gain (like the Telefunken V76) as opposed to the 34db of gain in the more commonly seen V72.
There are three racks of six 811301 units. There is also one rack of six 811350B line amp units. Each rack came with one high tension and one low tension power supply per rack. However, these original power supplies will not pass modern safety standards and as such are unfit for purpose. mjQ is offering to build custom power supplies at a cost of £450 per power supply. They would be designed to power up to 4 units each. 
SIEMENS and HALSKE WSW Line Amplifiers model 811350B. Hand Wired, Valve, Line Amplifiers, with 10db stepped potentiometer and fine gain control.
LANGEVIN Leveline Preamps, model AM-5116-B (requiring reconditioning). Modular system. Valve. Sweet sound. x5

AUDIO AND DESIGN SO 4 Parametric EQs. Serial Numbers 0280 & 0281 both boxed with A&D PSU. x2
PULTEC PROGRAMME EQ Model EQP/1A Serial Number 6567

REBIS RA 401 Full Parametric EQ. Serial Number 77102. Stereo. Op-amps.
EMI Brilliance Control Module type RS127 serial  number 62080B
FAIRCHILD 660 Limiter Serial Number 103 Hand Wired, Valve, From Decca Studios, London. In Decca Desktop Custom Metal Case. One transformer is a Sowter replacement.

Reverb/ Effects
FAIRCHILD REVERBERTRON – 11 Model 659 Serial Number 203 Discreet. Comprises; Control Unit + Rack-Mounting panel of 3 Springs.
FAIRCHILD Stereo De-Esser Model 602 Serial Number 291. Hand Wired, Valve. Can be modified to a Stereo Limiter…
AUDIO AND DESIGN Vocal Stressors Model F796X-R discreet stereo matched pair.  Compressor + Separate Limiter + Noise Gate . With independant Comprehensive Parametric EQ. Improved Graphics (calibration) on EQ Control Panel. Compressors in need of service and set-up.
MONTARBO programmable effects processor

RESLO RIBBON Fig 8, 30-60 Ohms + ferrograph transformer & table stand. Perfect condition.
STC BALL AND BISCUIT Microphone Model 4021 Serial Number 6969. Very good condition.
STC LIP MIC Reporters Microphone s.n. 246. Faulty
AKG D12  x4
AKG D202  x2
BEYER M160  x4

Power Amplifiers
EMI RS 141 Power Amps (Leak TL/25). Valve. 
EMI RS 21 Low Level Power Amps. Rare early mic/line amps. Valve. 
QUAD Valve AM/LW/SW Tuner
QUAD Valve FM Tuner. Mono
QUAD Valve Pre-amp Control Unit. Mono. RIAA Curves for different 78rpm Discs


WASHBURN Festival EA-455 Electro-Acoustic, Half-Moon Cutaway. Built in acoustic electronic PU, Grover type machine heads
LUTERIA DE ARTE 12 String Banduria

Keyboards & Synths

Stylophone with bass keys
MELOTRON M-400-S Serial Number 1507. Set of Standard Tapes. With padded black vinyl cover. Very good condition

ELECTRO HARMONIX “Bass” Micro Synthesizer in original box with its manual
ELECTRO HARMONIX Black Finger - Sustain.
GRANT JFM-100 Japan Jet Flanger and Filter Matrix – Original Box
ESE Battery Graphic EQ
INFINITY Micro Subwoofer. Passive. New and boxed
Phillips TV – 21” - Rounded – Wooden Cabinet – early 60s. Perfect Condition
EMI TR90 Beatles type recorder 15/7.5ips 1/4"

VORTEXION 3 channel valve mixer. x2

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